Nov 21, 2010

Skinfull interview

Interview with British Oi! band

Can you tell us why and when did you decided to start a band,its brief history and why did you choose the name skinfull?

well we started as 'The Aids' in 2004 playing oi/punk around pubs in Coventry. we were playing with bands like the uk subs, vibrators, sick on the bus etc but we were playing covers of bands like the 4skins, the ejected, the exploited. Kev came to see us at a gig in coventry supporting the uk subs and since then he has been a band manager for us. he then helped us get gigs with bands that were  more like ourselves like Condemned84, Retaliator, Superyob.
We played our last gig as 'The Aids' in Germany 2008 with Condemned84,On File,The Corps and Mummys Darlings. The reason we changed the name is because 'The Aids' is the worst name for a band i can think of. I dont know what we were thinking at the time!!

Do any of you also play in any other bands?

Dave who plays the bass also plays in Criminal Class.

Do you have a lot of concerts,in wich countries besides England did you also play and can you tell us wich concerts do you remember as the best?

We have played Germany 3 times, Belgium 3 times and spain once. We are also booked to play sweden in january and italy in march. I have to say that we have the best gigs in germany and belgium and we now have a lot of friends from these two countries.

Wich bands influenced you and wich are some of your favourite bands of today?

I cannot speak for the whole band but pesonally my favourite band is Retaliator and i am most influenced by Condemned,4skins,cockney rejects,the business,cocksparrer,last resort etc (all the usual favouites!) however i am also influenced my some metal/rock and roll stuff which i think is true of most guitarists. Most recently i have been listening to Steelcapped Strength and Enharjarna.

Can you tell us something about the Oi! and RAC scene in England,is there alot of concerts,wich are active bands etc...?

I dont know much about the RAC scene in the uk but the Oi scene is pretty good. Although there seems to be more younger skins in europe than there does in the uk but in the uk there is less fighting left and right than there is in europe, there can be a range of different people at an Oi gig here and no trouble.

When did you become skinheads and what does being a skinhead means to you?

I personally was a punk when i was 16 and then became skinhead over a couple of years. I have been true skinhead for over 5 years now. The gaffer has been skinhead for over 30 years.
To me being a skinhead means having pride in your actions and your appearance and your country and your class and not taking any shit. Oh and of course having a laugh with your mates!!

Wich are the things that inspire your lyrics the most?

Our Lyrics are usually inspired by life as a working class patriot in the uk. Things that we like, and things that make us angry. The lyrics are written by myself, Russ (the singer) and Kev (the manager)

Do you,as a patriotic band,have any trouble from the PC and left wing scum?

Only recently we have had a gig in paris with CockSparrer cancelled because we were asked by afa to cancel our gig with endstufe in Belgium in November this year. Of course we told them to fuck off but as a result the 'High and Mighty' MAD tour bookings who seem to be able to tell the likes of Cocksparrer and the Last Resort what they can and cant do threatened to pull cocksparrer off the bill if we played. so the promotor had to take us off. I dont know why so called'OI' bands get told what to do by some fucking spotty nerd behind a computer who hasnt anything better to do than interfere with other peoples business!

Does your band have any political definition,besides being patriotic?

No. of course as individuals we all have our own views but as a band we have no political agenda. 

What is your opinion about the ˝spirit of 69˝?

I am a fan of skinhead reggae and ska and i go to those gigs as well as oi gigs. Or do you mean the true spirit of 69 as in the shortcropped song?!? ha ha.

What are the future plans for your band?

Keep on rocking!! keep on writing about what we want to without compromise and not being told what to do by anyone.

Cheers for the interview,any final words to the readers?

Cheers for the inty, Thanks to all who come see us play and have a drink with us.
Luke - Skinfull