Jul 5, 2017

New Slovenian website

New Slovenian website with interesting articles about nationalist ideas, history etc....

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Apr 29, 2017

Terror 88-Defend your land! new cd

New cd from Serbian Hatecore band Terror 88

Terror 88- Defend your land
Price: 6 euros + postage
Info: terror88@hotmail.rs


Mar 29, 2015

New Breed interview

Regards! For the beginning can you introduce your band and its brief history to the readers?

First, thank you for conceding us this interview and for being interested in us.
New Breed has started like many other bands. We are friends since a long time ago, and since always we have liked music. Once, we were at the bar we always go and we decided to start a band. We used to play in other bands, and leaving those bands to start another one was the best decision of our lives.

You have released your first album ˝Historias de Ciudad˝ this year. Please tell us more about it, how would you describe your sound and which are the main topics of your lyrics?

For being our first album I think we reached people’s expectations. And that’s the most important thing. Our lyrics talk about life, about our lifestyle as skinheads, scooter boys, nationalists and our commitment to our nation.

Which are some of your favourite bands and which bands is the biggest inspiration for you both musically and lyrically? Are there any other good new Spanish bands you could recommend to us?

Uff... It’s a bit difficult to name our favourite bands. It’s too many. Squadron, Brutal Attack and No Remorse from England, Bohse Onkelz, Nordwind from Germany, the amazing Finish and Swedish bands... The list is quite big. Our biggest inspiration comes from the Nordic bands. I guess you can notice that from our guitar solos. But we also have some rock n roll reference. We don’t close ourselves in a single style. In Spain we are friends with many bands, but if we must recommend one (especially live); we would recommend “Post Mortem”. They are alcoholics like us! Our greetings to them!

Do you play a lot of concerts and is it hard to organise a RAC concert in Spain? Is there a lot of pressure from the government and do you have any strict anti NS laws? Do you also have any problems with the reds, how strong are they in Spain?

In Catalonia (our region) it’s almost impossible to organize a gig. The Catalonian police is the most harsh and repressive one to our ideas. In other regions of Spain it’s much easier, they organize stuff and we always travel to play.

Which were the main reasons for you to become skinheads, how did you get involved into the racialist movement and what does being a skin means to you?

I think when you grow up and see how fucked up things are.. Like economic crisis, massive immigration, no work, poverty... For us, being a skinhead is to defend our country, use the violence to defend our ideas, prefer being in a bar with our friends then being in any other place, it’s about brotherhood, dress well (the track suit only for Sundays!), and being politically incorrect. We don’t give a shit about what people think of us.

Give us a brief description of today’s movement in Spain. In which part of the country is movement the strongest and how strong is it in your city Barcelona? Which are the main organisations, bands, record labels and fanzines today? Is there a lot of concerts and other actions like gatherings, marches etc.?

In Spain there is a great work from people of Madrid and Zaragoza with Hogar Social. In Madrid the scene is strong and they seem to be more united everyday.  Also I would like to name the ANR. They group together many people interested in changing the future and fighting for our land.

Do you as a band support any organisation or political party?

As a band we never wanted to be identified with any particular party. We support any NS cause and initiative that wants to save the nation.

How do you view the separatists in your country and their movements like Catalonian separatist movement or the Basque separatists? What is your opinion about their cause?

They are just a few idiots that think they can change history. ARRIBA ESPAÑA.

Tell us about the immigration problems in Spain and particularly in your city? How much has this plague already spread and what do you think are the best ways of fighting against it? Which immigrants are the biggest threats currently?

The situation is terrible everywhere. They are a plague. It’s not only racial, but we feel invaded. It’s uncomfortable and disturbing. We blame the government and its globalization idea. They let them come in too easily. Also, the crime has increased a lot. It’s disgraceful!

How do you view Falange, Francisco Franco and the Spanish civil war? Are there any historical events and heroes that you would like to point out as an inspiration for today’s Spanish nationalists?

For us, an example to follow is Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, a smart and caution person, who could captivate thousands of people (from left and right). The Falange now days have nothing to do anymore with the party in the past.

How do you view today’s European NS movement and with which other countries do you have the best contacts? Are there any lands you would specially like to visit and have a concert there?

NS movement is rising, at least we think so. Thank to the social networks we have information about other countries. We have contact with people from many different countries!
The last one we have visited was Hungary. We only have great words for them.
We would love to play in a northern country like Finland or Sweden, but any country  would be great.

What are your future plans, where do you see your band in the following years?

Our plans are the same now and later. Keep on playing, keep on shouting what we believe, keep on knowing people, travelling and hoping that who comes to see us, leaves with a good impression and believing it was worth to see our gig. We want to keep in this war.

Thank you for the interview! Any last words to the readers?

Thanks a lot for conceding us this interview. It’s an honour for us. We would like to thank people who follow us, who are interested in our work in a disinterested way... Thanks all who opened their door for us and invited us to play. And those who want to see us dead... They will have to sit and wait... Cause we have music for some more years! HH!


Feb 22, 2015

Ironwill interview

Regards! Please introduce Ironwill and its brief history to the readers,tell us the main reasons you decided to start a band and which are some of your main musical influences?

 I am Skip and I play guitar and sing.  On the bass guitar we have Chris. And on the drums we have Mike  aka "Foot", and we are IRONWILL.   The 3 of us have all been in and out of bands our whole lives .  However I started the IRONWILL project in 2011 just out of my love for music .  And as far as influences this will be a list,  Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver are responsible for my getting involved at a very early age. And the list goes on from that. Brutal Attack, No Remorse,  Indecent Exposure, Skullhead, Motorhead, the list goes on forever but always starts with Ian.

You have just released a split cd with Open Season from Australia,tell us more about this,how did this American-Australian cooperation started and how are you satisfied with the  work of HC Streetwear productions that released the split cd?

Jim from Open Season and I both aggreed that a split would be a great way of showing the Austrailian/American Brotherhood. The songs on the split are great and we are very pleased with the project as a whole. Charlie is a very good friend of mine and he always puts his best effort into the projects.  Roy has been extremly helpfull as well.  Thanks Boys!!

Tell us how would you describe your sound and which are some other current bands you like?Which are in your opinion some of the best releases of the last year?Tell us also how big role do you think the musical scene has in our struggle for white survival?

Our sound is a bit raw and crunchy.  Not sure how to describe it,  its just hard RAC.   I listen to alot of music so this list can also be pretty long.   Alot of BFG,   Lions Pride,  Sleipnir,  Bully Boys,  Sniper,  Mistreat, Griffin..    Best album last year? hmmm   Award goes to.... BFG Death and Defiance.   Supperb work.  Great job boys! I believe that music can be a great vehicle to touch people and keep the flame alive, but sitting on your couch with a very impressive vinyl collection and doing nothing else does not further our cause . You must get involved in other ways in order to make change.  But yes the music is very important.

Do you play alot of gigs?Which do you remember as some of the best and most sucesfull?Are there any future plans for playing in Europe?

We are still a new band and have only played a handfull of shows. Sharing the stage with Sniper from Finland in California was a great Honor.  Georgia Hammerfest was another great memory.  We played in Seattle for the Bob Mathews Memorial and had a great time. Was a day to Honor that American Hero and we did just that.  HAIL  RJM.   As for Europe we are sitting on a stack of passport apps now so once they get straitened out i guess we will begin to invade.  

Do you have any problems with ANTIFA and the red vermin in general? Do they cause any trouble when there are gigs ? Tell us also do you have alot of trouble with the cops,how big is oppression from the state and which tactics do they use against the movement?

Im still new to this part of the country so the reds have not had the priveledge of meeting me yet haha.  I ve yet to see a red at an IRONWILL show so far.  And its the same all over as far as cops trying to break us. They try to scare us with hatecrime charges for everything.  We dont scare!!!

Are you as a band independent or a part of any organisation or crew?

I am American Front from Southern California USA,  816!   Foot is from C.A.S. 

Give us a brief description of the current American movement.In which states is movement the strongest at the moment,are there alot of gigs,gatherings and marches?Which are currently some of the leading organisations and crews? Which are some of the new bands that you could recommend to us and which are some of the most active record labels?

Well the scene changes often.  People come and go but there are alot of people still at it and with no end in sight, there are alot of good nationalists in this country...  alot of solid crews and orginazations doing alot of good for our people.There are not alot of shows these days here but we are doing all we can to help change that. Not alot of new bands either, My brothers in Idaho are starting to make thier mark and will be recording soon, Beer Hall Putsch is thier name.  Not sure whos doing the most business as far as sales and stuff but there are a number of them here.  I like the direction that HCSTREETWEAR is going,  and label 56 seems to do quite well.

How does the average White American view the NS and racialist movement?Are the white people opening their eyes to the truth about multiculturism due to all the black on white violence and riots we heard about in the last years ?Or do you think majority is still blind to the real problems of todays western societies?What would you say are the biggest problems of todays youth and White people in general in your land?

I think that whites are begining to wake up a little in this country. Not fast enough for me..  People will fight back when pussed to far and people are getting tired of being pushed by the red scum.  The problem with the white youth is they are so distracted by all the gadgets in thier hands,  and the shit that is fed to them on the tv.  And the white kids are eating up all the nigger rap shit.  

We can see in your artwork alot of old norse images,tell us are you Odinists and what is your opinion about religion in general?

Yes we are followers of the old ways.  OUR WAYS.  ASATRU.... HAIL THE AESIR! HAIL THE VANIR!

Which would you say are some of the figures from the past that are the most important and had the biggest influence on American NS movement?

George Rockwell for sure, Tom Metzger, Bob Mathews,  Butler.  There are many that give all they have and go unnoticed.

What were the main reasons for you to become skinheads and what does it mean being one to you?

Well I am 44 years old and was lucky enough to get turned on to skrewdriver at a young age. Fifteen.  And although Skrewdrivers music was not as heavy as what i was used to listening to, it was what he sang about which lit the fire in me. I liked the purpose he sang about.  It was an easy transformation to go from metalhead to skinhead in 85 for me.  To me it means being on the frontline of our racial struggle and doing it with pride and honor. Teaching the new generations of the duty and standard.   We will keep fighting till we are knee deep in our enemies blood!

What are your future plans,where do you see your band in the following years?

Our plan is to continue to write music and play to those who would see us play..  We have a few shows lined up for 2015 already and plan on being very busy.  contact us at IRONWILL16@outlook.com

Thank you for the interview!Final words for the readers?

Thanks for the chat Brother. Not gonna preach to the choir but Brothers and Sisters around the world UNITE!!! ONE BLOOD! ONE BANNER!

Nov 20, 2014

Aggroknuckle interview

Regards!First could you tell us something about Aggroknuckle's history?What were the main reasons and inspirations to start a band,how would you describe your sound and what are the main topics of your lyrics?

Aggroknuckle  was formed in 1993, by the members of Cannons,our former band.
Then the first singer quit the band and we accepted Kitty as the new singer. 
First we started as a 4-piece band. Now we have 5 members (Kitty (vo), Yoshinari (G), Kensei (B), Masuda (Ds), and Yutaka (G)).
In our  earlier era we also played  songs from Cannons, but soon we changed our music...in fact, AK played under the name of Cannons for a very short period.
Buy we changed the style of our music, so we also decided to change our name.
I wanted to make music that is simple, but strong,heavy and metallic,that goad people to fight.
We thought our music would be like that,so we changed our name to  Aggroknuckle, with the idea.
We emphasize that we can express heavy sounds without too much metalizing or down tunings, when we make songs.
About the lyrics, the most is about "our way of lives" like how are we when we face troubles or difficulties in our lives.
Sometimes we are asked  why we sing in English,and thats because the sound we make is better with English lyrics. That's all.

Could you name some of your favourite bands,both from Japan and worldwide,and which new bands from Japan would you recommend to the readers?Do any of the AK members also play in any other band?

The Japanese band that influenced us the most is Gruesome.And we can also mention Crikey Crew, The Hawks, Strong Crowd, 鐵槌(Tettsui / Sledgehammer), 桜花(Ouka), Shuffle, Cracker Jacks, etc.
Then we would recommend bands such as Rouge Trooper and Natural Born Masters which are also in this scene for a long time.
From foreign bands, we like Skrewdriver, Bound For Glory, Brutal Attack, No Remorse, Bully Boys, Last Resort, Condemned 84, KONKWISTA 88, Doc Evil, Blood Red Eagle, Troll Front, Legitime Violence, Offensive Weapon, Nessuna Resa, Feher Torveny, Bandiera De Combate, Brassic, Kill Baby Kill, Battle Cry, etc. It is not enough room here to write it all.
From  Asian bands, we listen to Samchung and 血盟(Ketsumei) from South Korea.
Anyway, Masuda, our drummer, plays in THE HAWKS too.         
How often do you play gigs and which were some of your favourite? Do you have any plans for any foreign concerts,maybe in Europe or USA?Tell us also with which skinheads from other countries do you  have the best contacts?

We usually play once or twice in a month. We play in the club mainly in Nagoya, our hometown, but also all over Japan, like Tokyo and Osaka.
And we remember the Japan tour (Nagoya and Tokyo) of BFG in 2013, organized by us, YS28.
It was the amazing experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
And we also have a plan to play in New York and Montreal in summer of 2015,which is now being arranged.
A friend we have the most contact with is Jason Hue from the US.
BFG's Japan tour would not come true without his help.
He is our benefactor and our important crew who no one can be like.

When and why did you decide to became skinheads and what does being a skinhead means to you?

It was 23 years ago, I was 19 when I became a skinhead.
It was because I listened to the record of Skrewdriver.
It is very natural for me to be a skinhead.
That is, it is my life itself.

Can you tell us something about the Samurai Skinhead Spirit movement? When did the first skins appeare in Japan,which were some of the first bands,magazines and labels and who are some of the most active bands and promoters today? Is there a part of Japan that has the strongest scene? These days it seems that most of the bands are playing under the banner of Yellowside 28, can you tell us more about this organisation?

SSS was the movement caused by mainly
鐵槌(Tettsui/Sledgehammer) from Tokyo.
At that time, we joined in SSS as CANNONS and AK.
The skinhead movement,that we could say was the "first", is Japanese Movement a.k.a. JM by mainly Cracker Jacks from Osaka, in late 80s.
There were some similar bands, but JM were the first bands that stimulate us and has special value for us.
And the policy of  YS28 is "to broadcast from the side of Japanese".
For a very long time, Japanese skinheads were mostly unknown to Western countries.
We YS28 think that we deliver our ideas through our music.
You, and a few other japanese bands,also play Skrewdriver covers and it seems that the whole SSS scene is quite influenced by Skrewdriver.Did the japanese skins back in the days have any contacts with Ian Stuart,who also gave his support to the japanese skins in some of the old BH magazines,and how big was the influence of him and his music on the japanesse movement?

We think the influence from ISD is very big in Japan.
We YS28 are also strongly influenced from him in the music and the idea.
In 90s, one of the SSS had contacted with ISD. He actually went to England and met and talked with him.
Ian accept him who came from the far east, and they talked much.
He told us that is a treasure for him.

Last year you released a split cd with a legendary American RAC band Bound for glory,and also organized a BFG tour in Japan,please tell us more about this. How did you make contact with BFG  and decide to release a cd together? Were the gigs you had together a big sucess and was there a lot of people attending? Which  of the moments from this tour do you specially remember and which are some of the best memories you have? Tell us also what does this kind of a cooperation between east and west means to you and what would you say to the people that have problems with this kind of comradeship between Japanese and White nationalists?

The gigs were held in two places, Nagoya and Tokyo, and both of them were very successful.
BFG stayed in Japan for six days and we talked much. They themselves, the attitude towards music they have, the understanding of our country, Japanese culture and Japanese  etc. is very important for us.
They played their best songs through all ages,and not only us but also the rest of Japanese skinheads were knocked out.
When we planned their Japan tour, I had contacted with Ed through an American friend who we trust very much.
We mailed with him for about a year so we got to knew well each other.
By mailing with Ed directly, you know, we could know him as a person,which it is hard to know through only by reading interviews.
Not only music he make, his personality is also great, and although it was only one year  I could learn many things.
We could make friendship over our skin color.
I am not racist,so I do not discriminate. But I think we need to distinguish.
Of course both of you and  us have culture, tradition, and history that both of us can be proud of.
It is important to understand and respect each other. To think everything in "our" common sense is dangerous. So we think to distinguish is needed and it is not discrimination.
We are also proud of our skin color and our culture and history as you are.
We understood and respect each other after talking with them about those of our ideas above and their ideas, and many other things.We have realize the tour and split CD.
We Japanese think manners are important.We think it is the most important thing as a human being, before the races.If BFG were greedy band in money and status, they would not do that.
Actually we faced some opposites from both inside and outside of Japan, when we announced that we invited the band known as WP and made the split CD with them.
But we had no problem with BFG.
Because we do not mix our bloods. It was just 100% about our identities, of us and BFG.
We think we have the same idea in the deeper places as far as both of us are nationalists.
Of course I do not mean it is totally the same, it depends on our cultures or environments. So, as I said before, we need to distinguish in this case.
Communicating with respect, accepting the differences, and understanding is the way to have cogency.
It's not that we are all brothers and we should hold our hands with each other.
We Japanese have the ideas of Bushido, a policy of Samurai, and also the idea of the valiant fighting people,
It is our pride and ˝raison d'etre˝, and firm policy we can never give up.

You also have a split with Australian band Blood red eagle called ˝Aussie-Japanese friendship˝,tell us more about this. How did you make contacts with BRE and decide to record this cd together?

We got an offer from Doug of BRE, one of our definitive friends.
At first Doug and Witek (Hostile Class CEO) also tried to make split with all new songs both from BRE and AK, but I said them to put songs from our 1st album released in 2010, because it was distributed only in Japan.
The Doug and Witek accepted it and BRE also decided to put their rare tracks like previously unreleased songs, and we made the split CD.
Doug, Witek of Hostile Class, Jason who always helps us and Shaun from Canadian great band Section Saint Laurent are  very great people who gave us chance to deliver our music to foreign countries.
We cannot find enough words for them.

What do you think are the biggest differences between Japan and the Western countries,both within the movement and in general?

Regretfully the Japanese skinhead scene is much smaller than in Western countries.
But the idea in deeper places in our hearts is similar.

European nations today are facing many problems like mass immigration,low birth rate,bad economy,forced muliculturism on our people,unemploiment....can you tell us is Japan facing any simmilar problems and which are the biggest threats and problems for Japan today?

Yes, we also have similar problems.
Especially this long bad situation of economy is a big problem for us, and a threat to our bases of lives.
For example, our production system is depending on foreign countries too much.
Many companies moved their factories to foreign countries because of  cheap labor.
Great engineers from Japan moved to foreign companies because they could not work as they liked to.
Japanese companies take short views and workers' situation is getting worse.
We kept our high economic growth with the cooperation of employees and unions, but that has already started to becoming the thing of the past.
And there are many people who lost their pride because of masochistic view of history, that is also a problem.
We chose the right of collective self-defense and now we are getting back to "standard", but mass media still say it means military empiricism or that Japan will make war very soon. It is biased.
And people believe it blindly and there are many people who do it without question.

Today nationalists in Europe are being regulary persecuted from the state,concerts are being stopped,bands banned etc...Do you have similar problems with the goverment and the state in Japan?

No, we don't face that kind of persecution here in Japan.

Do you have anything like ANTIFA scum or sharps in Japan,and if so,do they cause any trouble?

Yes, there are some, as we say, left activists called ANTIFA.
And also there are people like red skins, but we cannot see the deep ideology in any of them.
They mostly walk and shout on the street, as we say "hate speech".
Sometimes they are broadcasted and those shameful activities are known to foreign countries, but it is not what we want. We do not want the people in the world to receive these figures. If you think deeply, you will easily know how much it is far from what we real Japanese are. 

The japanese ancient history is well known for its battles against foreign invasions,emperors,and of course the well known samurais, can you tell us wich events from your history are most important for you as japanese nationalists,and wich historical figures are most honoured?Also tell us about the samurai code and the way of the warrior and what does it mean for you?

First, as I mentioned above, we think the manners is important.
And we also respect the opposites who fought valiantly.
It is from not only Samurai, but also Japanese long tradition and culture. It symbolizes Japanese.
Be severe to ourselves, keep ourselves, fight against ourselves. It is very common and usual for us and it is from our former people's great idea.

In the great struggle of the world war two the japan was part of the axis,can you tell us how do you view the great battle of blood against gold,and what does the bravery of your soldiers that were the last to surrender and the sacrifice of kamikaze means to you ? Wich are some of the historical figures from that period of time that are the most honoured and regarded as heroes within your movement? How was the japanese involvment in WW II regarded by the japanesse people in general?

First of all, our forerunners stood up to stop invasions from other countries.
They colonize many Asian countries, and when they looked at Japan, we Japanese are not the tribe who chose to obey.
Our forerunners fought to the end for the coming generations (of course including us), not to be treated bad and looked down upon in the coming age. They tried though all of them are killed.
It was very significant terrible war, but they told us that we can never give up and showed us the way to live strong. We cannot change it.
Today, the way of their lives and attitude is an influence to us.

What are your future plans,when can we expect a new AK album,or are you planning on doing any new split cds?Tell us also can we expect any new distribution from AK soon?:)

We will release some split CDs with BDC from Brazil and Feher Torveny from Hungary.
We will record new songs at the end of this year, and it will be released in the next year.
And also we got many offers of tours and records.
We are very greatfull for that.
It is impossible to make all of them come true, but we try as much as possible.

Thank you for the interview!Any last words for the readers?

Thank you very much for the great interview.
I hope our music arrives to you over the seas and hope to see you here in Japan or there in your countries.
Hail the ˝Hail the New Dawn˝ zine and great Slovenia, and respect and thanks to nationalists who are fighting around the world from AK/YS28.
Thank you very much.

Sep 21, 2014

Bound for Glory´s new album release party

A big RAC concert was  held on the last weekend of August in Slovakia to mark the release of Bound for Glory's new album titled ˝Death and Defiance˝. This was probably one of the biggest RAC events that took place in Europe this year with more than thousand  people attending and with bands such as Kratky proces and Retribution from Slovakia and German Sachsonia playing besides the veterans of the U.S. WP scene Bound for glory. During the entire day many racialists from different lands were arriving and by the evening, when the concert started,  the place was full of comrades mostly  from  Slovakia,Czech republic,Hungary,Germany,Austria but also some from Serbia and Slovenia. The first band to hit the stage was Retribution from Slovakia, a band with harder metal sound and gruff vocals that goes well with their music. After the Retribution it was time for Sachsonia,a German band hailing from Dresden, who are also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and are well know to every fan of  German RAC.They played a set of songs mostly done in a more melodic RAC&Roll manner and a BFG cover ˝Judgment day˝ on which Joel from BFG joined them as vocal.Next to take over the stage was a well known Slovakian act Kratky proces,a band that started back in the eighties and is one of the first RAC/skinhead  bands in Slovakia.As they started to play the hall quickly became full as no one wanted  to miss the performance of this Slovakian cult band and many of the crowd,specially Slovakian and Czech lads ,were singing along to all of their classic songs like ˝Slovensko˝,˝Za boha za narod˝,˝Na prach˝,˝Rež a rúbaj˝ and others.Most of their songs have that good old RAC rock style,sometimes with a bit of a harder edge,and a good sing along choruses which created a great atmosphere within the audience,a band well worth seeing live!After the Kratky Proces finished with their set  it was time for the main act of the evening to take the stage.

The hall was once again crowded as Bound for glory kicked it of with ˝Never  again˝ followed by many of their  great songs ,from the rocking fast paced  RAC tunes to the harder sounding powerfull drum pounding metal hymns.They created a great  atmosphere through  the whole gig  as they stormed through their set playing one song after another with many of the warmed up crowd gladly singing along and dancing to all the  well known anthems such as ˝Siegfried˝,˝As the hammer falls˝,˝Your worst nightmare˝,˝Damned˝,˝Behold the iron cross˝,˝Dr.Martens dental plan˝,˝Last act of defiance˝,˝Stuka pilot˝ and ˝Welcome˝ just to name a few.They also played ˝Hey Joe˝,a song dedicated to Joe Rowan from Nordic thunder,  and ˝Like a brother˝ which was dedicated to their former bass player and the frontman of West Wall Bill ˝Maximus˝ Hedal who sadly passed away just a year ago on the same date. The band also asked for a few moments of silence to honour his memory.Since this was a new album release party they also played a few of the new  songs,all well accepted among the audience, from their latest ˝Death and defiance˝ cd which was released by a well known German label PC records.After playing around 25 songs they ended their set with another well known anthem ˝Plunder and pillage˝ and as some of the people went to get some rest after a great concert others occupied the bar and continued to drink and have a good time till the morning hours.All in all it was a great event. Cheers to the organisers for doing their best as there was no troubles of any kind during the whole concert and the sound of all the bands was at its peak and Hail to the BFG for doing their best on stage giving us a great performance! Surely it was a concert everyone, who were there, will be glad to remember.

Feb 12, 2014

Smart Violence interview

Regards! First can you introduce your band and its brief history to the readers?

Oi! folks! Here is the so called history of Smart Violence.  The Oi! band Angry Bootboys stoped its activity for a longer break. It’s boring for a young white Skinhead not to play in a band,so I formed the R.A.C. / Skinhead-Rock band Smart Violence. The plan was to have Hans Nussberg singing in Smart Violence,but unfortunately he was sick on the studio date and Dani had to sing the finish record songs. The Release of our pressed Demo cd was December 2012,released by Old School-Records.

For now you have released one  mcd ˝Hard hitting skinhead rock˝, and a split EP with Punkfront, tell us a bit about it,wich are the main topics of your lyrics,wich other bands had the biggest influence on your sound,and regarding split EP how did it come to this cooperation with Punk front ? Also tell us when can we expect your first full lenght cd?

 I know the guys from Punkfront. The guitar player Patrick is a good friend of mine. I recorded in cooperation with Hammerstroke two cover songs of Sao Paulo’s legends Bandeira de Combate for the Tribute CD. The song “Vida Careca” in two versions. We put one version on the split with Punkfront. I play guitar and sing, and the drums and the bass is played by Hammerstroke. The EP is only a collectors edition,only 218 EPs are pressed. The songs of the sampler are only free translation into German in our own style. “Vida Careca” is a song  about the Skinhead life. The ballad “Rebell der Arbeiterklasse”( demo) is about a rebel of the working class.

Some of your members also play with Angry Bootboys,tell us what are the latest news from A.B. are there any plans for some new recordings and gigs? Or is A.B.B.  currently on a break? Do some of you also play in any other bands?

Angry Bootboys took a longer break. After the decision to take a break in September 2012 we have played one gig in April 2013. I think Angry Bootboys ain’t dead. Oi! music will never die! ;-)

Tell us your view of current German movement? In which part of the country is movement the strongest, is there a lot of gigs and how hard is it to organize gigs in Germany? Is there a lot of trouble from the reds and cops? Your favorite German bands? Also tell us your view on other styles like hate core and NS metal which seems to be quite popular in Germany?

The movement in the east is stronger than in the west. Unfortunately I live in the west of our country. I think its hard to organize gigs because you know the German political police thinks we are terrorists and they do a lot to stop us. We have the hardest “hate laws” in the world. For patriotism you are branded as a Nazi. To be a nationalist or NS you will be branded as a terrorist. I don’t have much trouble. The cops know what we do. They control the internet and they have all over their secret police informers. The scene is full of traitors. To think they don’t use the telecommunication to oversee us is a bad joke. NSA is watching you!
My favorite German bands are KDF, Faustrecht, Störkraft, Kommando Skin, Triebtäter, Endstufe, Stuka,  Likedeelers, Rien na vas Plus and Sturmtrupp.
I’m just a traditional Skinhead. I don’t like hatecore or metal. Specialy not the German Metalcore bands. Cause I don’t like the style. I don’t like most of the German bands. The most bands are not my “cup of tea”.  I like hatecore bands like BED  or H8Machine. Real old school Hardcore not Metal. But I love the old Skinhead hardcore like Warzone, Cro-Mags or Slapshot! But first Im just a fan of Oi! and RAC. But I’m a musican. I like so much fucking music. But it isn’t the same passion like for my favorite music Oi! and RAC.

 Autonomus Nationalists,wich  seems to be quite strong in Germany, are saying many times that movement should distance itself from skinhead culture and are introducing new strange styles like NS rap, what is your opinion about them and this new styles and approaches? And is the majority of the movement in your land still following the skinhead style or is it slowly fading away?

 Everyone has a right to be a nationalist. I’m not a fan of other subcultures. I’m just a Skinhead. But Skinhead is a way of life. I’m not a Skinhead because I believe in nationalism. I’m not a nationalist cause I’m a Skinhead. I’m just a Skinhead because I like the life style. Oi! music, dressed smart, wear my DM’s on my feet, the attitude and the working class. The patriotic Skinhead scene in Germany has seen better days.Most of the Skinheads are P.C. today. But I dont give a fuck and carry on my way. Yes, the new way is to be dressed like a Hardcore Kid,and listen to Metalcore or Grindcore. When the comrades are happy than its a good thing. But I don’t want to hang around with the most. I have my Skinhead, Punk and Scooterboy friends. But some of my old friends are autonomus nationalists. But they are the same personality’s, they are my friends.My believe is to follow nobody,just make Europe a better place. Stop blind hatred and fight with a positive spirit against our enemy. Read books, do positive things. That is my alternative.

What is your opinion about the nonpolitical part of the skinhead movement? Do you have any contacts with non political Oi! Skins and bands?

 Yes, I have friends in the Oi! and RAC movements and I’m fucking proud about it. Skinhead is a way of life. Why should I hate other Skinheads cause they  haven’t got my point of political views??? I welcome all the lads going down the street with open eyes, and have their own point of view. No one can be P.C. when they are living in the streets. Because you can find aliens in each town in old Europe and they will fight Skinheads, and then you will see whos a Skinhead or a SHARP-Hippie.

Do you play a lot of gigs and have you ever played in any other countries? Wich were some of your favorite gigs you played?

No. We haven’t played live with Smart Violence.

Do you as a band support any crew or organization?

No. We are an independent band.

Your top ten all-time favorite bands? Do you also like any other styles like Rock, Metal etc.., which are not connected to the movement?

1. Skrewdriver
2. Arresting Officers
3. Bulldog Breed
4. Dramatic Battle
5. Cock SParrer
6. Faustrecht
7. Steelcapped Strength
8. Evil Skins
9. Legion 88
10. Störkraft

Yes, sometimes we listen rock, metal, ska, hardcore-punk. Music is inspiration. But the love of my life is R.A.C and Oi! music.

Thank you for the interview! Any last words to the readers?

Thanks for the interest in our band. Excuse me for the long time to wait for this interview. We worked hard on our first album “Herkunft & Identität”. I hope the album will be released in the next three month.

Skinhead regards and keep the faith

Smart Violence

Jun 19, 2013

Battle Dogs interview

Interview with RAC/Oi! band from Hellas

Regards!Can you introduce your band and its brief history to the readers?

Hello! I am Dimitris, guitars & barking, Makis plays the bass and The Duke is on the drums! The band started in 2009. I had some songs ready for some years and wanted to record them so i said it to the guys and they were happy to help me. We made some gigs at Skinhouse Hellas which gave us some good feedback so we decided to continue with the band and 2 years ago we recorded  'White & Loud' which was released this year.

Tell us a bit about your first full lenght cd ˝White&Loud˝,how would you describe your sound and what are the main topics of your lyrics?

'White & Loud' is our first full length cd, we recorded it at Skinhouse studios in 2011 produced by Kostas and released by S-crew records. I would describe our sound as 80's influenced straight forward skinhead rock but its up to the listener to decide. Our main lyrics topics are political correctness, antifa(they are a good inspiration,thank you for existing), our country's rotten system's puppets and our Europe's decay in general. On the contrast we sing about our way of life and our heritage and identity that we must pass forward to the future generations.

Wich are some of your favourite bands,from the past and new ones,and wich of them had the biggest influence on your sound?

All the classics from Oi! to RAC. Skullhead,Skrewdriver,Condemned 84,Squadron,Vengeance,English Rose, Kill Baby Kill!,Les Vilains,Steelcapped strength,One way system,Exploited,The Jinx,Evil Skins,Brutal Combat,Endstufe,Storkraft,Motorhead........the list is too long. I think our sound is influenced from all of them a little bit.

How big role does music has in our struggle in your opinion?And wich do you think are the best reasons to choose this way of activism?

Everyone has its own reasons but generally, music gives us, especially to the youth, a way to express our selves, think alternative,spread the word and don't forget, socialize and have fun which is necessary also.  So, yes! Music is playing a big role in our struggle.

Do you have alot of concerts and is it hard to organise concerts in Greece?Also tell us did you also played in any other country and wich are some of the countries you would like to play?

We have played till now with Steelcapped strength,PWA,Filopatria,Spirit of the Patriot,Stavroforia etc.  but it is quite difficult to organize a gig here. Except Skinhouse no other organization cares to do a gig or doesn't have the will to make it happen. As Battle Dogs we haven't played abroad, which is something we want to, and we are ready now to travel all over Europe for gigs. Every country has its beautiful and different characteristics that makes them unique! We are open to invitations!

Do you as a band support any organisation?Tell us also wich are the most active organisations and crews in Greece?And wich are some the other good bands you would recommend?Is some of  you also active in any other bands?

We support  Skinhouse Hellas which is one of the most active crews in Greece. Except that as a band we support every organisation that has a good and pure cause and don't care about meaningless rivalries between  crews. Filopatria and Straightline is at a top level right now, Mind Terrorist is a very good project and No Surrender is our country's classic. We all are active in other bands such as Straightline and Midland Reapers.

The nationalist party Golden Dawn has been gaining alot of support and strength in your country,do you support them and what is your opinion about them?Do you think they can bring big changes and a better day for Greek nation within the system?Is nationalism rising in Greece?

I don't believe that  there can be a change inside capitalism and it isn't enough to be nationalist you must also have socialism in your point of view. Regarding Golden Dawn, i didn't voted  them but i don't have a problem with them being in parliament. If reds are there why can't be the nationalists? The good thing is that more and more people is involved in the movement.

Your opinion on the whole European movement?Wich countries do you think  have the strongest movement at the moment?With wich comrades from abroad do you have the best contacts?

It is going strong but there is a long way to go.The good thing is that people have finally realised that capitalism is a deadend.Every country has a unique movement, the western countries are more affected by the laws in contrast with the eastern which are now developing strong movements but i thing Italy is ahead in my perception. We have goods relations with comrades from Finland,Germany,France, Belgium,Italy and Slovenia i believe after this interview;)

Greece has a very rich ancient history and many myths of great gods and heroes,tell us wichare some of your favourites tales from the ancient past and wich gods and heroes are most popular within the movement?Also wich historical persons both,Greek and European,are most respected in the movement?

People from our region, Thessaly, are descendents of Heracles. Thessaly was known as Aeolia, a name that continued to be used for one of the major tribes of Greece, the Aeolians, so Heracles and his myths are popular here. Also Achilles, a Trojan war hero is from our region i think his story is well known. Mountain Olympus ,the home of the Gods, is also in our area. Last but not least we were the best horse breeders in ancient times, the horse of Alexander the Great was from here “Voukefalas”. The most popular heroes in our movement are Leonidas ,Alexander the Great, Theodoros Kolokotronis and many more who fought for our freedom and identity. I believe that also within European history are many significant heroes so, many of them deserve a respect.

 What are your future plans,where do you see your band in the coming years?

We want to release more songs in full length or split cds(we have some songs on the way to the studio), play gigs, meet comrades and make strong bonds all across our beloved Europe.

Thanks for the interview!Any last words for the readers?

Thank you very much for the interest in our band and  keep up the good work with your zine.To the readers be and act smart to promote our heritage,tradition and identity. Battle Dogs are ready to play a gig in your country and “ruin” your life. For merchandise,gigs and info write to battledogs@hotmail.com & battledogs.rac@gmail.com